Team Monkey

Les profils de la tribu

Une équipe complémentaire



Pivot between Design (UI/UX) and Back-End, it is in charge of creating clear and simple interfaces for the user. Responsive design no longer holds any secrets for him. Juggling between the most recent Javascript libraries, he also excels in HTML5 and CSS layout.



Without it, many Web or Mobile projects would only be an empty shell. While he often works on elements that are invisible to the user, he can boast of managing their data and security. He is familiar with SQL or NoSQL databases and security concepts.



Always taped to his smartphone, he creates applications by taking care of the details so that the user experience is the most satisfying. He is fluent in one of the Mobile environments (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).



The missing link between the developer and the system administrator, it improves the performance and security of information systems. It is able to configure any application, regardless of language and server.



Attentive to the latest Web and Mobile trends, its mission is to design pleasant and easy-to-use interfaces so that the user experience is the best possible.

Expert Big Data

Expert Big Data

Able to find his way back into the jungle of data, he sets up the collection, analysis and visualization of data and defines algorithms to transform them into usable information.

Les Atouts de la tribu

Chez MonkeyPatch, nous recherchons à constituer une équipe d’Experts qui partagent nos valeurs et nos ambitions.

We only recruit engineers who have the IT gene!

The passion for IT and innovation allows our consultants to be always at the forefront of best practices in Web, Mobile and Big Data technologies.

We cultivate this state of mind by devoting time to technological monitoring and the exchange of our expertise.

Being a Monkey invites you to always be involved in the evolution of technologies. But the behaviour and interpersonal skills of our consultants are even more important.

You have to share a passion for computers to be part of our tribe.

Because working in a company that respects its consultants and honours its commitments is priceless!

The commitment of our employees is crucial for the satisfaction of our customers. To become the number one consulting company, we must maintain the same commitment with all our consultants.

The guarantee of our commitments and the respect of all are the key to the success of our company.

Innovative projects: an exciting and challenging environment.

MonkeyPatch advises and carries out projects for its clients on new technologies related to the Web, Mobility and BigData.

No unproductive inter-contracting. We support partner startups on their technical issues. Between two missions you will work on specific issues in a 10 working day cycle.

Your expertise will always be called upon for a technical feasibility study or for the realization of complex functions…

An operation that stimulates innovation, strengthens team spirit and makes it more responsive.

Empowering and giving freedom to Monkeys allows them to blossom and grow serenely.

Joining us means integrating:

  • An entrepreneurial dynamic: everyone is invested in the development of the company
  • A friendly working atmosphere
  • Constant exchanges
  • Anti-routine initiatives,…

Cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees, what if that were the startup spirit?

We’re nothing without team spirit!

Invested over the long term, we establish a close relationship with our employees through regular and ongoing exchanges.

We build a bond of trust and commitment that allows us to stimulate the sharing of experience and expertise between Monkeys during afterwork, hackathon,… or simply over a coffee.

Pushing back its technical limits thanks to the support of a team of experts and the support of a company like no other.

At MonkeyPatch, we like to capitalize and see our Experts progress!

We support any initiative that allows our consultants to enrich their expertise and the recognition of their peers:

  • Writing technical articles (blog)
  • Participation and/or facilitation of technical conferences (in Toulouse or abroad)
  • Participation and/or organization of hackathons
  • Development of training materials for new technologies

We assume that everyone must contribute their share.

To encourage this approach, we allocate each year a budget and a number of days of availability to attend training courses, conferences or hackathons… And finally we allow each consultant to choose his material…?

We are challenging the codes of traditional companies.

We want each of our Monkeys to be able to make proposals, be involved in the recruitment of new Monkeys, and have a say in the company’s investments. Our employees can take part in the company’s board, and thus participate fully in the choice of the company’s strategy.

A company that bets on the men in its team.

As a member of the MonkeyPatch team, you will be recognized for your work and commitment, both as an individual and collectively.

We rightly wish to reward all our consultants. Their remuneration includes a fixed salary, individual bonuses linked to their activities and a variable part linked to collective productivity. In our country, salary is neither a taboo nor a secret, we are transparent about the salary of the management team.

Our motto, working on specific and demanding customer issues, deserves human and financial recognition.